Equal Opportunity Battery. Stop hiding female abuse of men, women and

EQUAL-OPPORTUNITY BATTERING. I am a California state-certified sexual assault and domestic violence counselor. I work with the Lesbian Caucus for the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CalCASA) and I am a survivor of same-sex rape. Although I cannot speak for every rape crisis or domestic violence cent, I can tell you this: There are centers that are beginning to realize that dykes are just as at risk [As straight women] of being abused and are less likely to seek help unless they address their homophobia and get the facts. Violence occurs in about 25 percent of queer relationships-thats the same as heterosexual relationships. If any reader is in a same-sex abusive relationship and would like more information, she can call CalCASA at (888) NO-1- RAPE MICKEY WILLIAMS lesbo2
For many years experts have claimed that DV touches all of us and that both genders are culpable. For many years the DV Industry has always put a male face on their posters and ignored female violence while claiming expertise that the dont have.
Today we know that using surprise, weapons, women who already are more likely to initiate violence in a home setting than men 70% of family violence is initiated by women and women inflict hundreds of thousands of injuries on men and kill hundreds of men and the courts didnt find self-defense as the reason when those women were sentenced. You might not believe those numbers but they are listed by the Department of Justice and although those numbers of male DV victims might seem high at 859,000 and the deaths high at 500 a year, those numbers would be MUCH higher if the courts were are ruthless about pursuing women in suspicious circumstances as they are about pursuing men. Also, men cant get away with the abuse excuse like many women have and when women hire men to kill, or get boyfriends to do it, often they are not listed as DV situations or the killer although the only reason the man died was because of her actions.
[You might not believe any of this after decades of feminist propaganda but you likely didnt believe women raped women either so grow up] All these safe-houses that yall are funding are teaching hatred and fear of men. Women who might have killed at one time can now get a restraining order against a man that has never threatened her or abused her by saying I feel threatened and then she gets the home, kids and cash. HE is on the street blamed by a woman that might likely have been the abuser. Its no wonder that the deaths of husbands by their partners has dropped dramatically over the years while the deaths of wives has shown little change. The women dont need to assault the man they just get the justice system to do it for them.
In 24% of marriages there is very slight abuse to much rarer beatings but feminist call all violence battery to get 4 million victims a year, one ever 14 seconds (Numbers that dont match) and the DV Industry ignore that half of those cases are mutual and 1/4th is just the female as aggressor and 1/4th just the male partner is the aggressor. For years the DV Industry claimed that 99% of all violence was male violence in the home. And YOU believed them and gave them billions to spread that story. Well, maybe not you, but Biden, Obama and the Clintons did.