Ten Feminist Myths share this with your Gender Studies teacher, get an F?

A lie can get halfway around the world before truth puts its boots on. M. Twain
Hercules, as one of his labors, had to kill the Hydra, a creature with 9 heads that lived in a swamp. When Hercules cut off one head two more would appear. I sometimes have felt like Hercules trying to stop the myths and lies about men. I still recall the image in The Sorcerers Apprentice from the Walt Disney movies I watched decades ago. The apprentice ignored the warnings to not try magic until he was well trained but he messed with magic to get a broom to help him carry water he couldnt make it stop. As a flood started he used an ax to cut the broom in half but it just turned into two brooms. He cut those two in half and they became four. Then 8 and 16 and 32.
As a child watching the images the impression made by Walt Disney lasted. He was a genius with images, lighting and music. The helplessness and hopelessness of that boy trying to stop the torrent of water reminds me of the onslaught of lies and myths coming from many of the second and third wave gender feminists. I once naively thought that if I proved a lie or myth wrong, and then another, people would start to question gender feminists and ask for sources. Didnt happen. Soon the lies and myths escalated and become similar to what the KKK types said of Blacks: Blacks were prone to violence, rape, and many other crimes; blacks didnt care about families; were obsessed with sex; and worse of all, they are less evolved. All those same things have been said about men by gender feminists.
Horrible lies were told many years ago but like this one lives on in the press even today: The number one cause of birth defects were from husbands stomping on pregnant wives (How common was it, well, they didnt just say it was number one, why settle for number one when you can add More than all other reasons combined. Would you think that if you sent a certified letter telling them this was one of the worst things EVER said about anyone and that they could, you know, maybe fact check it, that they would either read the supportive info you had sent , or at least call the Center for Disease Control I would think that having received a return receipt letter with such information that they would worry that someone was going to prove they had the truth and were continuing to lie. TEN YEARS LATER they still run that story but here is The Rest of the Story if you call the CDC Center for Disease Control, you will find out its not number one or and certainly not more than all other causes combined ITS NOT LISTED as a cause.
You will hear that 99 percent of DV comes from men and in such homes child abuse is common. What isnt said is that mothers are more likely to initiated violence in a home with husbands and children. Whats not said is that more children are abused, beaten, broken and killed by mothers than by fathers. This isnt a gender issue, men and women s lives are generally different and so are their experiences and expressions of pain or rage. The point is, as there is no excuse for DV there is not excuse for lying about DV or child abuse, or many of the other things that have been lied about by too many MSinformed men and women. The phrase DEAD BEAT DADS is known by 95% of adults while the fact that women adjudicated to pay child support had a worse payment record than men is not known by more than 1%. How is that possible, does it matter?
At this point in history lies and myths are rarely challenged. Most people assume where there is smoke there if fire. But consider that the following list BY WOMEN isnt a list that is reaching our children. For them its gender feminism disinformation 24/7 for years.